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Don't struggle with your stairs in California one more day. Regain your freedom with an Acorn Stairlift.

Don't risk the potential of a fall in California.

Let an Acorn Stairlift transform your life and make it easy again.

•    Whisper-quiet operation
•    Safety, comfort, reliability, easy to use
•    Custom-made for every type of staircase
•    State-of-the-art slimline product
•    Fast, no-mess installation
•    No hidden fees
•    Smooth  power delivery
•    Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers 

•    Dedicated expertise
•    World’s leading manufacturer of lifts
•    Comprehensive 12-month warranty
•    Affordable solution to mobility issues  
•    Unique solution for curved staircases
•    Nationwide service and support
•    Regain full use of your home
•    Pioneers of maintenance-free DC technology

What is a Stair Lift?

If your stairs are becoming increasingly difficult to climb, there is a potential danger of falling. Why risk serious or permanent harm to your health? The Acorn Stairlift provides a convenient, safe, easy-to-use solution for anyone who needs assistance with their stairs. Acorn Stairlifts are a state-of-the-art technology that allows you to enjoy a safer, more relaxed, worry-free lifestyle by allowing you to easily access all levels of your home in safety and in comfort … like having a personal elevator for your stairs. Don’t be forced to move into a residential care facility when you could live comfortably and independently in your home.

Is a Stairlift Safe?

An Acorn Stairlift is built to run durably for years, equipped with numerous features as standard, such as safety sensors to stop the stairlift in case it bumps up against anything on the staircase; a self-diagnostic system; automatic speed adjustment to ensure optimum performance and safety; seatbelts; swivel and lock seat for safe exit from the lift; safety switch to ensure the seat is in its proper position before the unit runs; soft stop and start, ensuring the stairlift always stops in the correct position; and designed to work in a power outage; just to name a few. All Acorn Lifts are easy to use, easy to maintain, totally reliable, and display the very best in design, engineering, and safety features. At Acorn, safety is the primary concern.

Why Choose an Acorn Stairlift?

With an aging population, there is an ever-growing demand for stair lifts. Acorn understands the difficulties that reduced mobility can bring, and so have designed and built their own state-of-the-art product, manufactured to the highest standards and exceeding most of them. Their superior stair lifts are completely safe, reliable, and easy to use, helping people regain their freedom and independence. Acorn has been at the forefront of the stairlift industry for over 15 years and have been installing lifts in 100’s of thousands of homes worldwide. They display the very best in safety and engineering, and are attractively designed to fit gracefully onto almost any staircase. Don't take any chances. Make sure you conduct an educated like-for-like comparison of the features, technology, comfort and safety aspects of the equipment on the market today, and you will see why an Acorn Stair Lift is the best choice for you.

The Acorn Lift has More Features as Standard ...

  • Rack and pinion drive for smooth start/stop action
  • Electronic and mechanical braking systems
  • Whipser-quiet operation
  • Curved stairlifts model available
  • Easy-to-use directional paddle control             
  • Fold-up seat & footrest
  • Safety cut-out sensors
  • Lifts for outdoor use
  • Digital status display

  • Seat belt
  • Designed for simple installation
  • Maintenance free DC power
  • Lockable isolation switch
  • 2 Infra-red remote controls
  • Lockable swivel seat
  • Padded seat and backrest
  • Self-diagnostic system 

Acorn is a World leader in the manufacture, installation and innovation of lifts. Established in 1992, Acorn Stair Lifts has sold hundreds of thousands of lifts to customers around the world. The core business of Acorn has always remained the same - the manufacture and supply of stairlifts. The 'keep it simple' attitude has allowed Acorn to focus on one thing - and to do it right. To this day, no other company has done more to bring awareness to the US stair lift market than Acorn. Building on the foundation of being the largest manufacturer and supplier of lifts worldwide, Acorn has expanded to locations all over the United States. Acorn's product and customer satisfaction is a standing testament to its dedication in providing the best in stair lift technology. To this day, it remains at the forefront of stairlift technology.

Whether you need a Acorn 120 straight rail or custom Acorn 80 curved rail stair lift, Acorn has the perfect solution for you. And you don't have to wait either.  In most cases, your stairlift can be installed the next day, or at a time that suits you - just tell us how soon you need it, and we'll do the rest!

It is a simple truth that staying in your own house gives you a wonderful feeling of independence. Don't waste another minute wondering if a stairlift is right for you. Call 800-259-0370 or fill out the form at the top of this page to request more information or a FREE quote. If you prefer, one of our friendly, experienced specialists will be happy to call you back and arrange a time to personally meet with you, assess your specific needs, and answer all of your questions - ALL FREE AND WITH NO OBLIGATION.

Make your next step a safe one with Acorn Stair Lifts!

Acorn Aftercare Services

Once you have decided to make your life easier with an Acorn Stairlift, you can rest assured that Acorn will be there in the unlikely event a problem should arise.

Acorn is just a phone call away, 7 days a week. All  lifts can be supplied with a fully comprehensive warranty for up to 5 years, depending on your requirements, including a free annual service. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have priority call-out from Acorn's own professionally trained, local stairlift engineers 365 days a year.

Remember that an Acorn Stair Lift is a highly reliable piece of equipment, manufactured to the world's highest standards and exceeding the requirements of most of them, ensuring life-long safety, reliability and engineering excellence.

Acornís team of trained surveyors, installers and service engineers offer unrivaled aftercare and customer service. You can rest assured knowing that we will be there for you, whenever you need, for as long as you have your lift.

Find out about the superior
ACORN 120 Superglide Stairlift

Find out about the innovative
ACORN 80 Curved Stairlift



"Just a short note to let you

know that my husband and I

are very happy with our new

stairlift. Helping my husband

to bed is now filled with joy

& laughter, instead of the

nightmare of fearing we'd both

end up falling down the stairs!

You have all been a pleasure

to deal with. Thank you,

Thank you, Thank you! "

Geraldine D, San Diego, CA - May 2010

* * * * *

" Just purchased and installed

one of your stairlifts for my

mother. She was hesitant at first -

it took 3 years to get her accept

one. She LOVES IT!! She

thought she would be afraid

to use it, but found it was so

smooth and simple to operate.

It has improved her life

considerably and allows her

to stay in her home. "

Dean L, Dallas, TX - November 2009

* * * * *

" After my father passed away,
we wanted to have my mother
come live with us due to her
aging in years. All of the
bedrooms were upstairs,
so we were almost forced to
put her in a retirement home.
Once we heard about the
Acorn Stairlift, we knew that we
could bring her to live with us.

Sharon B, Denver, CO - October 2009