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What are stairlifts?

A modern stairlift uses a maintenance-free battery-powered system. It is a power driven chair mounted on a carriage, attached to a railing which is fastened to the stair treads. The stairlift is an electronic-mechanical, manually controlled device, which glides up and down stairs alongside a staircase. The stairlift is used primarily to assist a passenger in moving up and down a flight of stairs. Modern stairlifts are designed to be installed on straight staircases or on staircases that curve. Stairlifts may be installed indoors and are weatherproofed for outdoor use.

Stairlifts are sometimes called stair glides, stair gliders, stair climbers, stair chairs, super glides, stair elevators, stairway chair lifts, stairs chair lifts and staircase chair lifts. Perch stairlifts and standing stairlifts assist passengers to sit on a perch seat or stand on the stairlift. These stair lifts are for passengers that have restricted movement in the hip joints or knees and find sitting difficult or painful.

Stairlifts with advanced technology have features, functions and benefits such as:


  • Designed for quick simple installation
  • Dual electronic and mechanical safety braking systems
  • Dual paddle switch controls for either hand for easy use and dexterity
  • Fold-up seat & footrest for ease of staircase use by others
  • Heavy duty option model available
  • Infra-red hand held remote controls to “call” or “send” the stairlift up
    or down the staircase
  • Lockable isolation switch for general and child safety
  • Maintenance free DC (battery) power technology and operates even during
    a power failure
  • Overspeed Governor to control speed of stairlift to prevent sudden or rapid descent
  • Padded seat and backrest for comfort
  • Rack and pinion drive for smooth action movement
  • Retractable safety seat belt
  • Safety cut-out sensors for obstacles on the stairs
  • Self diagnostic digital status display
  • Smooth start/stop action for no jarring or sudden stops
  • Stairlifts models available for curved and straight staircases
  • Stairlifts models for indoor and outdoor use
  • Stand and Perch stairlifts models for passengers with restricted movement
  • Swivel seat with safety locking catch
  • Whisper-quiet operation



Because every staircase is different, and each person's requirements differ, Acorn Stairlifts tailor their solutions to the needs of each individual. Because of this, it would be misleading to quote a stairlifts cost price on our website.

Your Acorn Stairlift will be designed especially for you based on your individual staircase dimensions, unique specifications and options that will suit your needs and  budget.

Why not call Acorn Stairlifts now and arrange for a Free, No Hassle, No-Obligation Survey visit from a local experienced surveyor who will measure your stairs, explain all the options available, and answer any questions you may have.

Once your staircase has been surveyed, you will be given your own free, no-obligation written quotation. It is then entirely your decision - in your own time - to decide whether an Acorn Stairlift is right for you.

Acorn Stairlifts have manufactured and supplied stairlifts to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. With their vast knowledge and expertise, you will receive the best possible experience - from the first contact through the installation process.

It is our desire and priority to help anyone who is strugging with their stairs regain their freedom and independence - and Acorn is ready to help you! Please call one of our friendly, experienced advisors at 800-259-0370 or fill out the form to the right.

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